Success, and how to be successful, are hot topics at the moment. It’s right up there with conversations about the best way to grow your email list if you are a business owner, perfecting the ultimate morning routine and how to wash your hair most effectively. Ok, that last one I totally just made up.

But here’s the thing: I’m calling BS on any articles or books that tell you there is a one size fits all model to success, or any of the topics above. There’s no way that what works for me will always work for you, and that is because we dont all define success in the same way.

Let me give you an example of a story I hear all the time from women. Let’s call this lovely lady Fran.

Fran is a high achiever – always has been. She wants to have it all, and is quite happy to work hard to make that happen. She knows that society tells her she should have the perfect wardrobe, perfect job, a man that adores her, house in a beautiful area and host dinner parties with people that also have perfect lives on paper. The problem is, once Fran starts to form this life she realises that she is spending more time trying to have it all than actually enjoying living. If she got real with herself about what she actually loved doing she would know that her perfect weekend consisted of walking her puppy, long lazy brunches and a Saturday night in. Preferably with unwashed hair.

There are so many versions of this story out there. The common denominator is the people-pleasing and striving for a reality that we don’t actually want. I’ve been there too, and have created many boundaries in my own life to help avoid the constant desire to say ‘yes’.

If you’re a Brad Pitt fan you might have heard this legendary ‘Fight Club’ quote:

We buy things we dont need with money we dont have to impress people we dont like.”

Does this hit home for you? If so, I want you to know that by acknowledging that if your current reality doesn’t align with what you truly want, you have the option to change it. The power to create a new reality is 100% yours, albeit a little scary sometimes.


Conversations on success


I’ll be talking a lot about success on this blog, so I wanted to start the conversation this week by opening it up to some of my beautiful coaching friends, and fellow business owners, to share what success looks like for them. These inspiring women have spent time on their own personal development journeys, and have very consciously created their own reality. They inspire me SO much, and I don’t doubt they will inspire you too.

As a side note: when I first started coaching with Beautiful You Coaching Academy I had no idea that one of the BEST things to come from it would be friendships with incredible women. Surrounding yourself with likeminded people is a huge part of crafting your own successful life. Without further ado…

What does success look like in YOUR life

​Success to me, looks like…
– Nourishing my body with adequate sleep, nourishing food and lovingly moving my body
– Seeing the positive in everything
– ​Listening to my body (this is my favourite one)
– Doing something every day towards my dreams and vision
– Doing something I love everyday

When I am doing all of those things I feel like my life is complete, because they all really matter to me. It is so important for me to remember to enjoy the here and now and look back on how far I have come and to keep dreaming of what’s yet to come. When I show up day in and day out exactly as I am, acknowledge I am enough and share my gratitude for life I am celebrating success.

What would be your No.1 tip for finding your own version of success

This is such a great big juicy question. I am going to keep my answer super simple and say…. “Do something every day that lights you up, makes you feel alive and smile​”.

Life is so busy and so fast paced. The days, weeks and months fly by and before we know it another whole year has passed. If we make time every day to do something we love we are fuelling our heart and soul. Not only is that success within itself, you are setting yourself up for success each and every day by putting yourself first. Remember: life doesn’t need to be complicated and you are worthy of success.

What does success look like in YOUR life?

To me, success is all about freedom – freedom to be who I truly am, and do work that I love, from where I want, when I want. Tapping into my truth and fostering a sense of freedom is so key to my definition of success!

What would be your No.1 tip for finding your own version of success?

My number one tip for finding your own version of success is to be true to you. You might be thinking, well, duh!’ but you’d be surprised how many women I speak to who are trying to please everyone else around them and ignoring what they truly want. So tap into YOUR truth, and let it guide you to your definition of success.

What does success look like in YOUR life?

Success to me means something new every day. In my life it is when I am fully living in my own truth, when I am 100% confident in the message I am putting out there and I am serving from a place of love. Success to me doesn’t have a monetary value to it, but comes from a place of authentic happiness. Success is being able to life my life as one giant freeing adventure!

What would be your No.1 tip for finding your own version of success?

Stop reaching for the next thing and the next thing and celebrate what you have now – success happens in the now.

What does success look like in YOUR life?

My definition of success used to measured by what I had and how I was perceived. This all shifted for me the day I attempted to take my life. Now, success is not measured by my external world, it’s a measure of how I feel within. Am I living a life in line with my truest values of honesty, integrity, originality, meaningful work and wisdom and am I able to serve others? The greatest success I’ve achieved is the feat of my own mind to a place of great peace and with that feat I’m now able to serve others and teach what makes people happy.

What is your No.1 tip for finding your own version of success?

Never compare yourself to anyone, because you’re only ever comparing what you see and what you see is no indication of how a person truly feels.

Ellie Swift Life Success Coach

Desiree Kalypso

Positive Pyschology Life Coach + Mindfulness Expert



My thoughts on success

 Success to me means feeling like I can use my strengths to contribute to the world in some way. It’s about constantly growing and moving forward. It’s feeling like I’m showing up as my best self, and am operating from a place of alignment. Overall – success to me is about choice, freedom and contribution.

My no.1 tip for finding your own version of success is simple. Spend the time finding what success truly means to you. It’s not always easy to embrace the reality, but I promise you it’s so very worth it.

So tell me lovely, what does success look like in your life?

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Thank you for being here.

Ellie xo

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