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I see you there, beauty! You’re working away, getting things done and really showing up for your business.

But when your partner/bestie/parents don’t understand why they’re seeing less of you…
…or why you’re turning down invites to events and catch-ups
…or what your business is even about

It can all feel like a huge weight to carry!

If you’ve ever felt this way as you build your business – whether you’re starting out, or further along – know that you’re definitely not alone!

So today I want to share with you three super powerful conversations you MUST have with your loved ones when building your business.

These conversations are important regardless of what season of business building you are in. And all 3 are vital if you want your loved ones to understand and support you as you bring your business vision to life!

Before I dive in, I want to share that a lot of this information comes from not only the side of us business builders, but from the viewpoint of my partner and loved ones. My partner Chay has walked this walk with me for years, so I‘ve got both sides covered for you! (and had a chat with him prior to drafting the below, so as to make sure I didn’t miss anything).


Business Building Conversation #1: Share your CURRENT biz priorities

I often hear, ’…my family and friends don’t understand, my husband doesn’t get it, my parents have no idea what I do..’

But I’ve noticed that we sometimes allow this to become an excuse.

We can fall back on this as a reason to not give our loved ones the opportunity to truly understand what’s going on in our business. We hold ourselves back from sharing where we’re at and what’s going on for us and really letting them in, because if we do then we believe we have to uphold that reality fully. That can feel like a heavy weight to bear, I know, but it’s * really * important that we let our loved ones in.

It’s important to remember – the responsibility to communicate where we’re at in our business journey will always lie with us FIRST 💕

So, the first important conversation you must have is to share with loved ones what your priorities look like RIGHT now, here in this moment.

When I talk about priorities, I think of them in two distinct categories:
Your overarching life priorities, and
Your seasonal priorities

For instance, my biggest overarching life priorities are my health and wellness, family, and friends that are like family.

But season to season, the amount of time I spend on these won’t necessarily correlate with their overall importance.

As you know, it takes loads of time to build a business! So for the immediate future, building your business might temporarily take the lead from those other big, long-term life priorities.

This is why it’s key to let your family and close friends know what season of your life and business you’re in at this moment.

The conversation might look something like this:

“Right now, my business vision and the work it takes to build it is something I need to be ALL in for. At times, I might not be able to do X, Y or Z. But know that you’re still a long-term number one priority for me!”

See how easy that can be?


Business Building Conversation #2: Let your loved ones know how they can support you right now

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, ‘‘my partner isn’t stepping up” or, “my friends know I’m starting this business so why do they still show disappointment when I turn down invitations?” – then this next conversation is for you!

In my first year of business, I spoke with my family and best girlfriends and let them know that while I’d LOVE for them to continue to invite me to everything, to also know that I wouldn’t be able to say ‘yes’ to everything…and that it wouldn’t mean I love them any less!

Let your loved ones know that deciding to prioritise your business at this point in your life means you’ll be managing intense emotions. Dealing with feelings like fear, guilt, and shame for choosing to turn down invitations isn’t easy, so share how much you value their support in your decision as you miss out on some catch ups during this season of your life.

Putting this into practice taught me that when you communicate powerfully and effectively over and over again (it’s not a set-and-forget conversation!) the right people will hold out for you during this season/phase/period of your life and business.

I’ve ALSO learnt that when I say, ‘no’ to an invite from someone I really care about…a great way to ‘close the loop’ can be to offer an alternative for the next catch up. For instance, “I can’t make it to brunch this weekend, but can we catch up next month?”


Business Building Conversation #3: Share your long-term business vision with those closest to you

We’re usually the only ones holding the torch for our exciting business vision! Which means that our partners and family can’t readily see what we can see unless we share it with them.

It can be hard for your loved ones to support you when they’re not clued-in to the depth and breadth of your vision. So you’ve got to be willing to share those big business visions of yours with those who matter most.

I know this can make this important talk a scary one… it means you have to own and claim your vision in order to share it!

This requires you to be intentional with your words and language around your business. When you talk about your business make sure you’re speaking about it in a way that reflects your dream and vision for it – it’s not just ‘a little hobby on the side’, right?!

If we’re treating our vision smaller than it actually is, it’s going to be hard for our family to show up and support us.

Share the big picture and vision you have (even if you’re not fully clear on the end-game!) so those around you can mirror your fire and really support you. Don’t be afraid to powerfully show up!


At the end of the day, these 3 conversations will not only be impactful for you – they’ll also be incredibly impactful for your loved one too!

Big love,

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