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I know first-hand that as a business owner it can feel like there are always a million (and one!) things to do.

So often, this leaves us feeling too frazzled to actually get anything done. We feel distracted and frantic from having so much to do and not knowing where to start.

Unfortunately, this ends up placing us in the OPPOSITE of an ideal state to make things happen.

The fact is, stepping away from ‘frazzled’ is all about creating the space to get into the flow state that brings focus.

That means freeing ourselves from distraction for long enough to REACH that flow state!

Research shows it can take as much as 30 minutes to get into flow and every little distraction that takes you out of that flow state can mean an additional 20 minutes of time needed to get back into the zone!

So I want to share with you my 5 steps to create and carve out that space to get into (and stay!) in focus and flow and finally move forward in whatever project you’re working on right now!



Step #1: Strip it back

One of the biggest distractions from finding focus is simply trying to do too much! The truth is, when we try to do #ALLTHETHINGS it doesn’t actually generate the results we’re working so hard for.

That’s why finding focus is about going all-in on one strategy at a time. Be clear for yourself (and your clients!) on the one thing you are implementing in your business at any point in time.

To keep the flow of ideas going without letting new ideas pull you away from the task at hand, it can be great to keep an ideas notebook. This can be the place where you catch all of the ideas you have for your business until you are called to implement them into practice. In the meantime, take what you need when you need it and leave the rest. Which brings us to…


Step #2: Create ONE Key Goal

Magic happens when you focus on one strategy at a time (90 days at a time works great for me!). But a sneaky way we keep ourselves from this is by constantly switching our focus to a new shiny object and calling it new inspiration.

So many times, this is actually just self-sabotage dressed in a pretty pantsuit, popping up to distract us from what we’ve decided to create.

Notice when that comes up for you…and then train yourself to come back to where you’re at, and the thing that you’ve energetically decided to go ALL IN on.


Step #3: Create Boundaries With Your Phone

Have you ever found yourself in the following situation?

You’re in a flow state and when you realise, you get a hit of that crazy endorphin rush. “Yes! I’m doing the thing! I’m in the zone!”

After that big rush of feel-good brain chemicals, you give yourself ‘permission’ to take a break, grab a cup of tea…and scroll on your phone.

This supposed reward is actually a distraction (sabotage!). Every time you take that phone break, it takes that 20-minute window of time to get back into your flow state.

If this sounds familiar, well…maybe you can tell that I’ve been there too!

It’s so easy to use our phone as a reward but by indulging in that distraction, we’re cutting off our state of focus and flow.

The best solution? Put your phone away (move it out of the room!) until your time block of work is completed.


Step #4: Don’t Consume More Than You Create

With all of the wonderful things that come along with working in this online space, it’s also easier than ever to consume more than we’re creating.

You can find yourself surrounded by an endless stream of voices, inspiration, mentors and other things to consume when building your online business.

It can be so easy to trick yourself into believing that you need to look outside of yourself for answers. But a lot of those answers you’re looking for when you’re creating – they’re already within you.

In fact, the belief that you have to look outside yourself for answers is actually a form of distraction!

It’s not until you bring yourself back to creation mode is you generate the results you’re after. So trust yourself enough to know that you can create without consuming ideas or content from others!


Step #5: Time Block!

How I plan my day and week can change for me seasonally and cyclically, which is why time blocking will always remain my favourite time management tip! Really…I LOVE it!

Essentially, time blocking keeps me from making up stories about how long it actually takes me to do something.

To time block, make a list of all the things that need to get done this week and delegate everything you don’t personally need to handle.

Now that you’ve got that list in front of you, you can batch like tasks together and decide how long you’ll spend on each time block to achieve the result.

From here, it’s time to play Tetris! Plug those chunks of time into your weekly calendar wherever they fit and feel good. Then, allow flexibility with yourself – if you find that you’re in a state of flow during a particular time block, give yourself the freedom to move time blocks to different spaces throughout the week as needed.



I know these 5 powerful tweaks can be a game-changer for avoiding the frazzled feelings and distractions that keep you from moving the needle forward in your business. I hope these practical steps help you go ALL IN on what focus looks like for YOU!

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