When it comes to marketing your business, it’s not uncommon to find yourself wondering…

Am I doing the right thing?

Am I using the right platform?

Am I showing up in the right way?

Am I engaging how I’m supposed to?

Am I even in the right business?

It’s EXHAUSTING, right?! Because at the end of the day you find yourself stuck in shiny object syndrome instead of getting laser-focused on the strategies that truly move your business forward.

So to save you from falling down rabbit holes and feeling confused by all the changes in modern marketing, let’s talk about what’s here to stay!

I’m going to share with you the 5 timeless marketing trends that were around 10 years ago, when I was starting my career in marketing, and what I predict will STILL be front and centre in another 10 years’ time!

Here are the 5 trends *you* can really zero-in on with deep trust that they’re not going anywhere.

Timeless Marketing Trend #1: Create value in exchange for an email address

Exchanging value for an email address isn’t going anywhere!

What does this mean? This is where you offer your ideal client a lead magnet, or what I call a funnel-friendly freebie.

A great funnel friendly freebie provides a quick win or solves an immediate problem for your ideal client. As a result, it directly serves and supports them at that moment, and paves the way to continue connecting with them from there onwards!

No matter what’s going on on social media and other platforms, email marketing is still one of the fastest and most powerful ways to exchange value with your clients and sell your services and products.

So here are some questions I encourage you to ask yourself:

Is my freebie always top of mind? (i.e when posting on social media/engaging with my community)
Am I constantly focused on list growth and lead generation?

This trend is one that will remain incredibly important no matter what changes occur!

Timeless Marketing Trend #2: Engage with your people on social media

By now, you’ve probably heard or seen a few changes that happen on your social media platforms. So, do they change? Sure! But not as often as you think…

The one thing that hasn’t changed about marketing on social media is using it as an engagement platform first and foremost.

As a marketing and mindset coach, I have never focused on likes or growing my followers – that has never been a primary strategy. What HAS been my top priority on social media is growing my engagement and having those conversations with my ideal clients.

I have no doubt that engagement, connection and conversation will remain key to successfully marketing your business on social media. So no matter what you’re doing on your platforms right now, you should be asking yourself these three questions:

  1. Am I engaging daily? (note: this doesn’t necessarily mean posting!)
  2. Am I creating engaging content? (If not – why not? And how can I do so?)
  3. Am I providing conversation starters? (i.e – conversations that kickoff in DMs, conversations that I start in my FB group, asking a question in Insta stories…)

Timeless Marketing Trend #3: Cultivate transparency and trust

Transparency and trust as business owners are only becoming more and more important! As advertising and marketing continue to evolve, consumers become savvier and more alert to marketing that lacks integrity.

Because of this, TRUST is becoming increasingly important when people seek our service providers or solutions.

For you and me, this is great news! As small businesses and personal brands, we have a huge opportunity because we can really tap into that person-to-person connection and build that all-important ‘trust’-factor.

Focus on creating brand loyalty.

Show that you genuinely care about your work and your clients and share this with your community.

Here are some ideas of ways to do this in your business:

  1. Share a monthly behind-the-scenes: add a post into your content calendar once per month with an update into what’s going on in your business.
  2. Seek out opportunities to share the polarity of what’s going on in your world. How can you show the light and shade in you, your industry, or your brand? Doing this demonstrates transparency and helps build trust.
  3. Share testimonials and feedback directly from your clients. Nothing is going to resonate more than someone else singing your praises, and sharing how you’ve helped!

Timeless Marketing Trend #4: Show up through online video

I know, I know! Online video is something that a lot of us have so much resistance around. In fact, video continues to be the thing we’re MOST afraid of using in our business…

So we resist it, right?!

But here’s why video is such a timeless trend in marketing: it creates that human connection and allows your ideal clients to feel like they know you.

Whether it’s through IGTV, IG lives, FB lives IG stories, FB stories, Youtube – here really are SO many ways to utilise video, so I really encourage you to do so! Not just as a one-off but on a consistent basis.

When I started doing video in my business about 2.5 years ago, everything exploded from there. I was able to show up and give people the opportunity to truly connect with me, get to know who I was and feel my energy. Showing up through video has made it SO much easier to build that genuine connection.

I know YOU are in business because you care about your people. You care about serving them and delivering incredible value. So, here’s what I want you to know: if you feel that way, you truly have nothing to be afraid of! If you show up fully in that essence, that’s what will be felt most.

Timeless Marketing Trend #5: Utilise integrated marketing

Integrated marketing is when you use a range of different ways to market to your people. So, instead of building a million-dollar business on Facebook alone, or earning six-figures a year solely through Instagram, integrated marketing uses a mix of both ‘owned’ and ‘rented’ homes to build your business.

Think of ‘owned’ real estate as the places where *you* own the information. This is essentially your email list and your website.

On the other hand, ‘rented’ real estate is where the information you share is controlled by another party. This includes platforms like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

Utilising integrated marketing to build your business does NOT mean you need to show up everywhere – that’s the fastest way to burnout! But be sure to diversify where and how you show up to your community, starting with having that funnel friendly freebie that drives people to join your email list.

These 5 timeless marketing trends have been around for over a decade now, and their effectiveness isn’t slowing down anytime soon! Since they’ll be ageing like a fine wine, it really IS worth implementing them in your business straight away ✨

With love,




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