I know that for me, I *really* love a bit of a behind-the-scenes-look into what other people are doing in their business: what’s coming up, what their plans are and what’s going through the mind of the CEO as they continue to build and scale their business!

So today, I’m going to share about all things Swift Ventures. (Swift Ventures is my business’ name, but you know it as my name – Ellie Swift – which is the trading name!)

Let’s dive in!

My Word for 2020

The word that I chose for the year ahead is: spacious.

This word landed for me because the last couple of years of the business have moved VERY quickly.

My business has gone from startup mode to scaling mode in a super short space of time. And while this was a really intentional choice, my aim has always been to create a business with a framework and structure that feels supportive long-term. So, as I kept thinking about what I wanted this year to look like, the word ‘spacious’ kept coming up.

For me, this word reminds me that the year ahead is about creating space rather than creating new things. It’s about leveraging the courses and programs that already exist in my business!

Another part of leaning into this spaciousness has been cutting the fluff. I’ve been constantly questioning: what have I been telling myself that I *need* to do that I don’t actually need to do?

As a result, I’ve been reducing the amount of time I spend on emails and on social media. I’ve been letting go of rules that I created or read somewhere in a business book that don’t actually apply to me or my business.

I encourage yourself to ask yourself these questions too:

Am I doing things in my business just because I think I’m supposed to?
What can I omit from my business?
What can I put on my to stop list that’s really not serving me or supporting me in any way at the moment?

The year ahead at Swift Ventures

With the word ‘spacious’ leading the way, here’s how that breaks down from a year-long perspective…

The Coach Code

Rachel MacDonald and myself launched The Coach Code for the first time this January and we’re in the throes of delivering it now. The women in the community are absolutely amazing and it’s been an incredible program to deliver!

It came about because for so long I didn’t have a way of supporting people fully in their early foundational stages of business. This course is the solution to that!

Rach and I created The Coach Code to help early-stage business owners market themselves online, as well as for business owners who want to be able to come back to a framework that’s really supportive, time and time and again.

Our aim is to launch this course twice annually with the next launch hopefully around August. (I say ‘hopefully’ because Rach is going on maternity leave after this round of The Coach Code!)

With that said, the next thing coming is…

The Swift Marketing Mastermind

The next round of The Swift Marketing Mastermind launches in September!

While I say ‘it’s launching’, the truth is – there’s not going to be lots of fanfare around it. This is because places in this mastermind are already selling from people reaching out to to sign up ahead of time! If you’d like to be the first to hear about it, jump on the waitlist here.

This mastermind is the perfect container for me to work with women that are a bit further along in their business – they’re getting clients and looking to elevate to the next stage of growth and abundance.

Serving the *current* round of women in The Swift Marketing Mastermind has been the most incredible experience. I’ve loved it so much and I’m thrilled that it’s set to remain a core part of the business!

Shine on Social Without Selling Your Soul and Soulful Sequences

The other products that we have in the business are Soulful Sequences and Shine On Social Without Selling Your Soul

We launched Soulful Sequences for the first time, last year, just before I went to Europe. The time between deciding to create the course and then launching the course was quite quick because it was something that was on my heart and on my mind for a really long time. I realised that so many needed a program that supports them to create incredible sequences that aren’t salesy. So I created something that helps bring in clients while feeling really heart centred, and at the same time serves as a great way of connecting with your people.

This year, we’ll be making this program evergreen so it will be available year-round!

Shine On Social Without Selling Your Soul will be launching again in the second half of the year. After launching this program twice, over 100 people have learnt from this course! It’s such an incredible program and so relevant for so many people especially as organic reach decreases on social media.

This program is all about how to build a wildly profitable business using social media WITHOUT getting caught up in generating likes or thinking that likes are what matters (they don’t!). Instead, it focuses on relationships, how to build those through social media, and how to show up consistently through the process that I share in Shine On Social Without Selling Your Soul . The next time it will be available is in the second half of 2020!

But before that..

New brand and website

We are currently creating a brand-new brand and website! This has been such a long time coming, but I know this is finally the right time to give some of my energy to this big undertaking!

The reason we’re doing this now is because for the last two years I’ve hated my website, which is something I created myself when I first started my business. I’ve put this off for so long because the truth is – upgrading my website is not a high impact task.

It’s not a revenue generator.

It’s so easy for website changes to be a distraction from doing the real work, but I knew that it was finally the time to up-level my website to be a reflection of what the brand is now!

Podcast Launch

The other big announcement for 2020… we’re launching a podcast!

It will be launching in the Australian winter this year and while it’s still in the early stages of what it’s going to look like, I’m already so excited about it!

A podcast has been something I’ve wanted to do for a really long time. And let’s face it – I love having conversations with people and showing up for my community in the ways they love to learn! So it feels like a really great next step.

More details will be announced shortly after the new website goes live!

My personal role in the business this year

With all of these things planned for 2020, my role this year is purely about coaching and training, creating content, product development and ongoing education.

From day 1, this has always been the role that I’ve wanted in this business. Of course, when you start your business, you have so many hats to wear! So I’ve been trying to shed many of those hats as things have been evolving and it feels wonderful to be at this point.

And that wraps up the behind-the-scenes look at what’s in store for Swift Ventures this year!

Instead of looking to create big new crazy things this year, we’ll be zeroing in on serving my peeps really well through the ways we already are and in the ways we already do – and I can’t wait!

PS – want to see what’s on my *personal* vision board? Click here to head to the Shine Online with Ellie Swift Facebook Group to see what images and inspiration are front and centre as I show up for the year that’s to unfold!

With love,




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