I wrote the first sentence of this post about 10 times. Wrote, re-wrote, typed over, crossed out. None of the sentences truly captured my feelings for this course. None of them really conveyed the emotion behind how much I loved this course.

The truth is – I don’t know that there are words that truly share just how amazing this course is, or how much it has changed my life.

From the ability to now be running a thriving coaching business, to the skills to change the lives of my clients, the friendships, the personal development – The Beautiful You Coaching Academy (BYCA) really unlocked it all for me.

Let’s start at the top.

Why coaching and why Beautiful You? (my story)

The Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy, founded and run by the absolutely incredible Julie Parker, was on my radar for a long time, and in hindsight I should have dived in head first a lot sooner and stopped waiting for ‘the perfect time’ to become a life coach (but, you know, #noregrets).

If you have read the information on my About page you will know that I had a pretty linear career before coaching. I always knew I wanted to work in communications and marketing, then from there I went on to study PR and journalism, and proceeded to work for a decade to climb my way to the top and reach the ULTIMATE goal – Head of Strategy for a Marcomms agency. The problem was, on the way to the top I started to realise that my reality wasn’t feeling as good as it looked on paper. The life I had always wanted and manifested was happening because I had been moving forward on a clear vision and doing the work to get there, but I was feeling more and more unfulfilled and (ultimately) burnt out and exhausted. I was showing up as the worst version of myself and knew that there had to be more to life than striving, hustling and working so damn hard for a reality that simply wasn’t making me happy, despite it all looking really good on paper.

I started to learn about life coaching as a profession and BYCA when I was working in London. I literally stumbled upon coaching when I started reading blogs such as Melissa Ambrosini and Rachael MacDonald, who were part of Julie’s pilot program. I saw that they were spending their days writing incredible content about personal development and working with women to help them live their very best lives. This sounded like the most incredible work to me!

To give some additional background, my mum is a teacher and my parents were small business owners. Every personality test under the sun tells me I have a desire to create and to educate. Building a business and making a difference in the lives of other people felt like the ultimate ‘end goal.’

I hovered over this idea for quite a few years, still continuing to work on the same marcomms path. My love of personal development grew, with all my weekends and evenings reading books and blogs that contributed to the start of my personal development journey.

The pieces of the jigsaw puzzle started to slot into place.

I signed up for the BYCA course in 2016, when I was back in Perth after living in London and Sydney, in a really great place in my life where all the pieces of my life were coming together (great job, great man, great home – all the things) but I felt like something huge was missing.

This was the start of a huge transition for me.

What I learnt from training with Beautiful You


  • How to become a truly incredible life coach and serve my clients.
  • A tried and tested coaching model that sets my clients up for success and enables them to achieve their goals.
  • The knowledge of how to support and grow someone as they experience changes in both their external world as well as their internal
  • Information that supported me as I went on my own incredible personal development journey, asking MYSELF a lot of thought-provoking questions and experiencing some huge internal shifts that enabled me to then show up as the best coach I could possibly be (this growth was not something I anticipated when I signed up!)
  • The tools to create my own incredible coaching business, with SO much information from successful coaches about how they grew their own businesses.
  • How to take what I know as a marketer, and apply that information to the coaching industry.

All the added benefits of training with Beautiful You


  • New best friends. You have the option to be paired with a coaching buddy to coach one another as you train. My coaching buddy is now one of my besties. Having someone who understands your journey and is there growing with you, supporting you and understanding you each step of the way is priceless. It also makes it so much more FUN! In addition to my buddy, I’ve formed close relationships with so many of the other women in my course who I know will be in my life forever.
  • This course over-delivers in every single way. You learn through calls, podcasts, books and online. You will work directly with Julie Parker – one of the most respected coaches there are.
  • The coach trainers. Julie enlists the assistance of full-time coaches who are your ‘trainers.’ These trainers assist Julie to train you throughout the course, each bringing their own unique skills, knowledge and experience.
  • Once you graduate, you will then have the opportunity to become a Certified Beautiful You Life Coach. This is recognised through the International Coaching Federation (the peak body) and enables you to receive ongoing support and guidance through the community of other certified coaches.


Where am I now?

Since graduating I’ve gone on to create a successful coaching business, leave my corporate Head of Strategy job and live a life I’ve ALWAYS dreamed of.

I have flexibility, freedom, am working with clients where I get to help change THEIR lives on a daily basis, and go to bed every night feeling like I’m doing something worthwhile in the world.

I spend my days working (hard!) but I’m also working on my own terms, from my own home, with a bunch of travel and beach swims thrown into the mix.

Being an affiliate of BYCA doesn’t actually stop there for me. I am now also one of the Beautiful You Trainers AND spearhead the marketing for the business. I am very much a part of Team BYCA these days, and I’m so very proud of that.

The Beautiful You Coaching Academy and Julie Parker have, quite literally, changed my life.


Want to sign up through me? This is my Beautiful You Affiliate Offer


If you are still reading to this point, I’d hazard a guess that YOU are also interested in becoming a life coach. You’re in the right place.

As I mentioned, I am an affiliate for BYCA. This means if you sign up to the BYCA course using this link you will receive a bunch of additional bonuses at absolutely no cost to you (worth $1,899 AUD in value).

These bonuses include:

Access to The Coach Code, created by myself and fellow multi-six figure business coach Rachel MacDonald: A complete roadmap for booking your dream clients, transforming your business and turning your purpose into profit. This 6-week online course is the culmination and combination of our most tried-and-tested strategies, tactics and principles. Aka: the stuff that works.

Through building multiple-six figure coaching businesses, a decade each in corporate marketing and communications, along with coaching thousands of women between us, we know exactly what it takes to create a thriving business (and life!) you’re proud of.

Designed for coaches and service providers, The Coach Code is a masterful blend of needle-moving content (straight from the trenches), energising live Q & A sessions with us both weekly, accountability, and a supportive community to help you transform your business from the inside out. 

In addition to this program, you will also receive a 60-minute strategy session with myself and my business partner for The Coach Code – Rachel MacDonald – where we will dive deep into creating a personalised strategy for your coaching business. Worth $999 AUD.

How to sign up + access this offer

Want to sign up through me and receive these bonuses? Easy!

All you have to do is input ‘ELLIE SWIFT’ in the CODE field when you enrol in the course HERE.

Important Note: If you enter my name in any other area than the one instructed, (which is the code field at your enrolment stage – please see graphic below), or not at all at the exact time of your enrolment, you will not be able to receive my affiliate offerings. This is not something that can be amended at a later time and so please be careful at your sign up stage to do this as I want to be able to support you on your coaching journey!

Here’s an image of how you can do it:


That’s it, you’re on your way to becoming a life coach!

Some final notes


  • As mentioned above, I am an affiliate for Beautiful You. This means that I receive a ‘thank you’ commission for every sale that comes through my unique link. Because I believe in providing immense value, please know that the value of my bonuses far exceed this commission amount.
  • Please also note that you will not receive these bonuses until after the refund period has lapsed for the course.
  • Please do reach out to me if you sign up with this link, so that we can schedule in your session (I recommend we do this from Module 8 of your course onwards).
  • All affiliate bonuses must be claimed within 90 days after completion of your Beautiful You Coaching Academy course, after which time they will become void.
  • Don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions at ellie@ellieswift.com


All photos above taken by Fi Mims Photography.

If you do decide this is your path, know that I’m so excited for you! If you are on the fence, I’m here to help with anything you need.

In fact, I also offer a FREE 15-minute Discovery Call for this series. So if you want to discover further whether this option is for you then please feel free to book in a time to speak with me below.


With love,