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I see you there! You’re a high-performing action taker and you thrive off making things happen.

Part of this means you *probably* also find yourself future-gazing about what’s to come in your life and business….which is why it can feel so freaking frustrating when you find yourself in indecision!

Whether it’s the in-between-ness of the end of the year, the start of a new one, or another season where you find yourself feeling things like comparison, weariness, or an ungrounded feeling of ‘what next?’, there IS a way into clarity and motivation.

So today I want to share the 4 steps you can take to find your way out of a funk and finally move forward.

Each step is based on a central concept:
The antidote to indecision is intention.

Because at its heart, indecision comes from lacking clarity.

We feel indecision as a result of not having that beautiful clear knowing of what we want next.

On the other hand, when you get clear on your intention, it helps you begin to take aligned action instead.

It means you’re not relying on things like luck, hard work, and a couple of good decisions to build the business of your dreams.

So if you, like me, are in the privileged position to have the opportunity to be intentional… it really is the most powerful way forward!

I intended to leave my corporate job (and then I did!)

I intended to grow my business to 6-figures (and I made that a reality!)

I intended to evolve my business from 1:1 to a group mastermind experience (and I brought it to life!)

Intention doesn’t mean you necessarily know the how of the way forward…but when intentionality is there, it’s much easier to find it. So here’s how to bring that to life in *your* biz so you begin moving forward again!

Step #1: Create a ritual every day that brings you into the space of intentionality

What’s some sort of ritual you can do that will allow you to breathe into and be in the space of deep intentionality? For me, it’s very much about having space and alone time…and I love carving that out in the morning whether it’s an ocean swim, going to yoga, or going for a walk.

What might this look like for you? Remember, it’s about creating that space where you’re ABLE to become intentional.

From here, you’ll find your day to be more purposeful, clarity-led and filled with intention!

Step #2: Allow yourself to go really BIG on what you want, and be really crystal clear on that

Allow yourself to really feel what life looks like from the vision you’re working towards.

One of the things I love to do is create a diary entry of my future self.

Essentially, I cast myself into what my vision looks like. Usually, it’s around 5 years ahead for me, but it could also be something like 10 years or 2!

I worked through this exercise a couple of years ago. I had a clear vision of what I wanted my life and business to look like, and I wrote it as though I was IN that moment where it had all been realised!

I wrote a day-in-the-life, 5 years ahead, about how I feel at every moment of the day. And now it’s something I read all the time.

This exercise provided SO much clarity and deep intentionality of what I wanted things to look like! I was able to manifest it into my reality and now live out that ‘future day’ in my present. This is what’s in store for you too!

Step #3: Break it down

Once you’re clear and intentional about the reality and vision you’re creating, it’s time to break it down.

This is where we start talking about goal setting!

My recommendation is to break your vision down into goals that can be completed in 90-day increments. Studies show that a 90-day window of time is the best for creating and achieving the goals we set for ourselves.

From a business context, three months is also an ideal amount of time to test something and see if that thing works for you or not!

So, break your vision down into how you want to feel and what you want to do for the 90 days.

Step #4: Be like Elsa and Let it Go

The final part of being super intentional is to be like Elsa: let it go!

When you take action but let go of your need to control the outcome, you allow the real magic to happen!

Intentionality is just like manifestation…you can’t hold onto it with a super tight grip. Yes, you still need to do the work and show up, but at the same time – trust that there is a plan greater than you and that all your wildest dreams are going to unfold.

Remind yourself that you don’t need to know every single ‘how’, or the journey of what it’s going to look like…and that’s okay!

So, if you’ve been feeling like you’re in a funk…

…or if you’re going through a period where you don’t what is next for you or your business, then allow yourself to come back to these 4 steps and ask yourself ‘If I was intentional, what would this look like?’

In doing so, I know you’ll be able to generate clarity to move forward in your life and business in a really beautiful way!

Big love,



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