(+ how to overcome them to step into your ULTIMATE boss energy!)


Do you have a service-based business where YOU are front and centre of your business?Where people are paying for the specific experience that only YOU can offer with your own unique blend of magic?

Then it’s very likely that you have a personal brand. (Yep! Even if your business’ name is different from your own 😘.)

There are SO many incredible reasons to build a personal brand. It allows you to create a business that feels distinctly human, creates an opportunity to form deep and REAL connection with your peeps and is truly personal to you. But it doesn’t come without its own downsides.

Below I’ve shared some of the most common challenges we face with our personal brands (taken straight from my own experiences in my own coaching business), along with 5 powerful mindset mantras that you can use to maintain a personal brand and business that allows you to shine without dimming your light. Are you ready, beauty?

Let’s jump in…



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Challenge 01. – It feels really personal

When you put your heart and soul into your business and it’s YOU and your services that are essentially the products of that business, it’s easy for any kind of feedback or critique to feel personal.

It can take just a hint of a negative reaction and suddenly we’re filled with thoughts of ‘they don’t like me’, ‘I’m not good enough’, or, ‘I’m not worthy enough’. And this can feel especially relevant if you’ve had trolls or online haters (and you are SO not alone if you’ve experienced this, beauty! Trust me when I tell you I’ve had my fair share of people who don’t like what I have to say or even the way I look!).


Challenge 02. – Connection to your physical image requires you to be seen

When YOU are the product, it means that the physical image of you is what your community most likely needs to connect with.

It’s common for a lot of fear and resistance to come up around this and a lot of the work I do with my clients tackles this fear of being seen and showing up online. It comes up a LOT when you run a business online!


Challenge 03 – It can be harder to create boundaries that separate your life and business

Giving yourself space and downtime from your business can often be challenging with a personal brand. To maintain that genuine connection with our community, we feel encouraged to share in real time and stay connected to our devices.


Challenge 04. – Personal transitions can feel difficult to incorporate

I often hear clients say things like ‘what do I do when I feel like I’m going through a personal upgrade and find myself feeling disconnected from my business and community? How do I still show up for my business when I’m experiencing those changes?’ It can feel really difficult to work through these transitions as well navigate any personal difficulties, grief, and family challenges that may come up for us.

So what is the solution to these challenges?


Access the most powerful mindset shifts that will help you overcome the difficulties of being a business owner a personal brand HERE.


These Mindset Mantras will allow you to move through challenges that arise in your business, teach you how to transcend self-doubt and step up into your ULTIMATE boss energy so that you can continue to build an incredible personal brand and business.


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