What you’re about to read is intended to be straight to the point: potent, powerful and something that you might even implement straight away!

Today, I want to talk about the work that is most important to do in isolation right now…

The work I’m talking about is of course – the mindset work.

Your mindset work is THE most important thing to be focusing on right now.

Right now, we’re getting a LOT of different stories about what is going on in the world.

We’re receiving SO many different messages because, yes, we’re in an unprecedented time (are you as sick of hearing those two words together as I am?!). But what this means is that no one *actually* knows how this will all unfold, what it will look like, or what it will all mean.

It means that even when you hear messages that are based on news, research, studies, first-person accounts: a lot of what is being shared right now are stories and perspectives on from other people. You’re hearing stories about other people’s reality and what it means for them right now.

You’re being bombarded with information that might not actually be your story, your truth, or your reality.

So what’s really important right now is to get clear on what your OWN stories are.

For example, you might be hearing that it’s harder to sell products and services right now. While I’ve read and heard this very thing through people I trust and respect, it’s not actually my reality. It’s not my story. It’s not my experience.

It’s not my truth.

This is NOT to take away from the fact that this is a truth for somebody else – it’s simply acknowledging that it’s not mine.

The most important thing to do right now is to work out what is true for YOUR life and YOUR business.

I’ll share another example:

You might have come across messaging like ‘if you don’t come out of isolation without a new skill/business/hobby, then you’re not doing isolation right…’

And then the next post you come across might have messaging around…

‘Don’t do anything. Enjoy your time. Rest. Recharge. Do nothing. Come out the other side of this renewed.’

While there’s nothing wrong with either of these well-intended messages, neither of them maybe your truth. (Or maybe one of them is!)

So what I encourage you to do right now is to take the information out there and discern: what is noise and what is my truth.

Here are the most important questions you can ask yourself to clarify your mindset and discern between the noise and your truth:

Question #1: What is my truth right now in my life?

I want to encourage you to write down up to 10 things that are your truths. Think about ALL aspects of your life.

What is my truth right now when it comes to your money?

What is my truth right now when it comes to my business, energy, health, how I feel, my family, my relationships, my sense of play and adventure?

The aim of these questions is not to positivity-wash what’s going on. It’s to get crystal clear on what YOUR truth looks like.

Otherwise, you might find that it’s very easy for you to take on all information as your truth (especially if you’re a highly sensitive human!). This will leave you feeling overwhelmed, confused and unsure of what actions to take next.

Now that you’ve determined what your truth looks like, I invite you to ask yourself…

Question #2: What does success look like for me – right now – during these times?

What are my goals?

What is it that I need right now for me to feel like I’m being successful?

Success is entirely subjective, so please do not associate that word with any external definition! It’s 100% whatever success means for *you* and *you* only.

Success for you might NOT be generating that new hobby or doing that new thing.

It might mean being busier in your business than you’ve ever been right now, so it’s time for you to go all-in on that…

Or it might mean keeping your head above water while keeping up with your client work.

It might be homeschooling your kids while maintaining money flow into your business.

Or it might mean ensuring you’re well-rested and focusing entirely on your health.

Question #3: What does joy look like for me – right now – during these times?

I believe that joy is something that we have an opportunity to self-create. It’s something we can seek out.

We can find and experience joy throughout our day. So, when you ask yourself this question, it’s an opportunity to create this experience for yourself.

Which brings us to the final question to ask yourself…

Question #4: What action steps do I need to take to experience both success and joy in my life right now?

Once you’ve asked yourself these questions, you’ll have the opportunity to get clear on what your truth and reality is right now and be able to create more joy and success for yourself.

I’d so love to know what you come up with from these questions and journaling prompts!

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