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If you’re at that time in your business of wanting to sit down with your laptop nearby and journal in front of you so you can jump into that rich, juicy planning energy for your biz – then this post is for you!

I’m going to walk you through a really powerful goal-setting process to make sure you avoid a common mistake I see business owners fall into, and INSTEAD make sure you know the *right* questions to ask yourself to bring your business visions to life!

Before you start

When you sit down to plan, it’s important to remember to put strategy first. Being strategic is about looking at the big picture and longer-term so that you can create the business you truly want.

Now, if strategy isn’t something that comes naturally to you – not to worry! That’s what this blog is for. But keep this top of mind, beauty: taking the opportunity to be strategic in your planning for your month/quarter/year ahead is SO worthwhile to you and your business.

Avoid this mindset mishap

When we start asking ourselves questions about what the month/year ahead looks like, there’s a common mindset mishap that comes up. So often I see high-achieving, heart-centred women fall into the trap of asking questions that don’t necessarily result in what they really want to achieve in their business.

What tends to happen is that we start to ask all sorts of questions based on what we’re picking up in our periphery. What we’re seeing on social media, or noticing business owners around us doing ends up steering our planning towards questions like:

  • Should I create a Facebook group?
  • Do I need Pinterest?
  • How do I DM more people?
  • How often should I be showing up online?

The things all of these questions have in common is that they’re tactical in nature. They focus on specific actions or steps.

But if you look at your business planning from the point of view of a marketer, these sorts of questions are the ones you should be asking LATER down the line.

The No.1 question to ask yourself instead

This is the question I see missing MOST often from people’s success plans, even though it’s the most strategic question you can ask yourself:

How do I get clients?

This is the thing we should really be asking ourselves when we’re planning for our business.

But it’s easy to fall into those tactical questions – they seem tangible and straightforward and easier to solve, right?

But whether you start a Facebook Group or post everyday on IG are actually *NOT* directly related to your success as a business – filling your client schedule is! Because without clients, we don’t actually have a business

That’s why these higher-level, strategy-focused questions will help lead you to helpful answers:

How do I get clients?
How does my business make money?
How do I build my business?

For example, the question ‘how do I get clients?’ might lead you to ask yourself further questions like:

Who is my ideal client for my offer(s)?
How do they show up online?
Am I meeting them where they’re at?
If I’m not, how can I do so?

From here, it will be much clearer to know what tactics you can use to reach your ideal clients because you will have already answered the RIGHT questions.

Of course, asking these bigger-picture questions can sometimes feel like a big, scary, daunting question. And this can lead us to self-sabotage by avoiding asking it altogether! So I’m going to take you through a goal-setting process so you can do this in a beautiful way for *your* business.

Get clear on your big-picture goals

The bigger-picture questions below will lead you to the answer that will be most helpful and relevant to your business’ success:

How many clients do I want to work with?

How much money would I like to generate in revenue this year?

How do I want to feel as I move towards these goals?

Use a goal script

Once you’ve answered these bigger-picture questions, here’s an example of a goal script you can use with this model in mind (copy what you see below so you have it for later!):

My goal: Win 10 clients in Q1 of 2020 and feel joyful, abundant and expansive.

And here’s a template for you to use in your own business!

‘My goal: Win x clients in Q_ of 20__ and feel ____, _____ and ______.’

Of course, feel free to change the number of clients, the time frame and the feeling words based on how YOU want to feel!

I hope this makes it easy to see that when you’re planning for the year, the most important thing to do is zoom out and ask yourself, ‘how can I create my big picture goals?’ – because these are your overarching aims.

When you follow from that big picture question, I know you’ll naturally move further down in your questioning to ask those tactical questions. By that stage in your questioning, the answers will likely be very clear…or better yet…you’ll realise they’re not even relevant for your business!

Before you know it, you’ll have a success plan that includes what it really needs for you to achieve you to bring your business goals and vision to life!

With love,



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