At the start of each year, there are a thousand and one articles that come out and tell you all the things you need to know about digital and social trends for the year ahead. After going through so many of them and pulling from my personal experience, I’ve put together the most important things for heart-centred service-based business owners in 2019.

Whether you sell services or products, you are the face of the business. People are coming to you to help them.

Humans are buying from humans, not businesses. As the faces of our businesses, we need to be showing up and showing our faces. Whether this is online or offline, it is time to start asking yourself…

  • How many times are you sharing a photo of your face?
  • How often are you showing up live and on-camera (on Instagram Stories, Live broadcasts, or recorded video)?

The deep-seated fear of being seen often stems from concerns such as ‘What will people think of me if I am posting online a lot?’ ‘Will people think I am stuck up or have tickets on myself?’ or, ‘What happens if I share my face all the time?’

I get it – I’ve been there too!

However, did you know…

Neuroscience confirms that we buy on emotion, and justify on logic.

How do people form emotional responses to our products and services? Connection.

The greatest way we can create emotional resonance is to show up, share, and connect.

Ask yourself – How can I show up on social media as me, without hiding behind my personal brand?

You might be talking about the features of what you do or what your business provides, the ways that you help people, but you might not be telling the story behind the brand, behind the scenes, or what goes on to make the product happen.

Here are a few journal prompts to get you started when it comes to showing up more online:

    1. How can I share more of me in my business throughout the next 6-12 months?
    2. How can I share more of myself on social media?
    3. How can I measure sharing more of myself on social? (Make a smart, measurable goal so that you can check-in objectively. Are you committing to a Live each week, or sharing a selfie each week, for example?)

Share it below – I’d love to hear it! How are you showing up more online in 2019?

Big love,

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