I have a huge confession to make.

There was once a time I thought I didn’t need a life coach. I would love to tell you that this was something I thought seven years ago when I was yet to fully embark on my own personal development journey and truly explore what life coaching was. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. This was at the start of last year.

I mean sure, as someone studying life coaching, I valued it wholeheartedly and in every sense of the word. I was telling anyone who would listen how having a life coach would change their lives. But for myself? I was completely resisting taking my own advice. I was studying to be a life coach so I was fine to do this thing called life all on my own, thank you very much.

I know what you might be thinking: I sound incredibly arrogant and self-important. And you would be 100% right. My ego was absolutely running the show at the time. That said, this isn’t something that only I have experienced. My clients have told me time and time again that they have felt the same way.

Ellie Swift Life Success Coach

When I actually got a life coach, as part of the requirements for being fully certified in my business, I was cracked wide open in the best possible way. I completely 180’d on what I thought to be true and discovered having my own one-on-one coach as the greatest opportunity in my life thus far to fully move forward in what I wanted to achieve. Everything felt possible. My dreams expanded. I was truly heard by someone who didn’t question my goals, but instead cheered me on at every single stage. I wasn’t being told off or steered in a different direction, I was instead being championed and made to feel self-empowered which amplifying my opportunity to succeed x 1000.

Allow me to address a few of the reasons why I didn’t think I needed a coach:


“I don’t need an accountability partner, I’m self-motivated enough on my own.”


Holy guacamole I confused this one in my head so much. If you’re already self-motivated then that’s AH-MAZING! A life coach isn’t going to try and make themselves your crutch if you are already standing on your own two legs. They will just be right there with you, at the speed you are already taking, cheering you on and spurring you further forward. In fact, often they have a different perspective on things that you might not have considered because you have been spending all your time being incredible efficient, productive and brilliant. I’ve come to learn that feedback is one of the greatest gifts someone can give us, and a good coach will always provide it in a meaningful and constructive way.


“I don’t need to get to the heart of what I want. I already know what I want and the roadmap to get there.”


Once again, if this is you then that’s really exciting. You are in a position that most of us desperately want to be in, understanding what your dreams are and clearly seeing how you can make them a reality. What can be tricky in this instance, however, is that if we are so set on exactly what we want, any speed bumps or roadblocks that come our way can really trip us up (I’m raising my hand really high right now). If this is the case, why not learn from someone who has navigated this path before you? Why not take the career learnings, business building tips or self-love habits of coaches who specialise in one or more of these areas? It’s an amazing chance for you to catapult yourself forward even further than you ever dreamed to be possible.


“I don’t have the time or money for a life coach.”


This is a biggie, and one I hear all the time. I get it, a life coach can be a bigger investment than you might normally be prepared to make in yourself, and it can often feel indulgent, or be something that other people don’t fully understand – especially when there is so much free content out there on the internet. But here’s what I’ve learnt: the money and time you investment in a life coach will save you so much more money and time in the long run. Having someone you are setting goals with, reporting to with your actions and using as a resource specifically for what you want to achieve is better than any free online webinar, podcast or blog I’ve ever come across. While all these tools are incredible, a life coach will help you remain focused on exactly what you need in each session to propel you forward to reach your goals. It doesn’t get more specific than that.


“A life coach is so new age or woo-woo. What do they know about helping me achieve my (very specific and tangible) goals?”


This one isn’t something I thought myself, but I hear it all the time. You might be someone who wants to move up a level in a very tech-based professional industry. You might want to run a marathon. Whatever it is you want to achieve, it is a myth to think that a life coach needs to have achieved that exact same thing to understand you or your goals. Like most things in life, achieving your goals requires a process and the ability to train the mind to work through fear. A life coach knows fear. Most of them have worked through it themselves and all of them work with clients on a daily basis who are dancing with their own fears, however they may manifest.

Gabby Bernstein says so beautifully:

“Our problem is that we choose to deny love. In fact, we only have one problem: that our mind chooses fear over love.”

A life coach is there with you to help choose love every time the fear comes up, no matter what the circumstances might be.

Is your resistance to a coach from a place of fear? Or is it for one of the reasons above? I can only speak from personal experience when I say that getting a coach was one of the best things I’ve ever done.

If you want to know more about life success coaching and how it might work for you, you can find out more here.

With love,
Ellie x

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